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Tourism and Hospitality Omicron impact survey

5 January 2022

If you have a business in the Tourism or Hospitality sector, the Government’s Department of Culture, Media and Sport would like to know how you have been affected by Omicron.  Your response will help them build a case with which to lobby the Government for more support.

If you would like to get your opinions heard, please fill in the questionnaire before 10 January.

The findings so far are here:

    • 50% of businesses have seen a fall in revenue of at least 50% in December
    • 58% of businesses have experienced at least a 25% cancellation rate this month
    • Over 40% have experienced 25%+ cancellations for Jan-Mar
    • 47% have booking levels that are down by more than 25% for Jan-Mar
    • 24% of businesses have no cash reserves, and another 31% have only 1-2months of reserves
    • 11% of businesses say that they are very likely to fail and a further 29% say that they are quite likely to fail

Here is the link to the survey