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Tackling the climate emergency in Leicester

9 November 2023

Update 4 December: The closing date for this is now 26 January 2024.

Leicester City Council have launched a public consultation on climate change and is looking for feedback from businesses, universities, voluntary/community groups, organisations and others. Take the Survey.

This feedback is to help the Council finalise it Climate Emergency Action Plan and develop how they support and encourage action by individuals and organisations in Leicester.

There are two sets of questions. The first set focuses on what individuals and organisations locally are doing about climate change and things discouraging them from doing more. It will help them understand the barriers and improve the way they support and encourage more local action.

The second set of questions asks for views about the priorities in the draft of the new action plan. You can complete either or both of the questionnaires as an individual or on behalf of an organisation.

Paper copies can be requested by emailing  Or call Duncan Bell on 0116 454 2249 or Aidan Davis on 0116 454 2284 to request a copy via telephone.

Take the survey