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Growth Hub support helps Sophia to achieve independence

Sometimes while going about our normal routines people start to formulate what could become a great business idea. That’s what happened to Occupational Therapist, Sophia Dickinson. Her business Home Independence Occupational Therapy Ltd was created in 2019 offering personalised occupational therapy assessments and recommendations to individuals enabling independence and safety at home and with everyday activities.

While working in health and social care for over 17 years Sophia’s specialism was assisting people in their own home environments. Sophia noticed there were gaps in the statutory health service being offered where people were unable to access the help they needed and there was a real shortage of private occupational therapists in Leicestershire.

Her business offers a person-centred service helping people to stay safe in their own homes looking at everyday activities and assessing what can be done to prevent falls or injury. Sophia assesses the cause of the struggle and recommends adaptations, such as level access shower rooms, wet-rooms or specialist equipment to help with accessing the bath, bed, toilet, or chair. Focusing on maintaining and promoting independence with everyday activities for those with reduced mobility, long term health conditions and disability.

Mum of two daughters, Sophia heard about the Business Gateway Growth Hub from a fellow business owner. She has attended several webinars from the Business Gateway, NBV and the Digital Growth Programme and is now being guided by Growth Hub business adviser, Aruna Bhagwan to take her business to the next level.

Sophia said: “I am confident in my role as an Occupational Therapist. Developing the skills to run a business was new to me. Having Aruna to support and guide me has been like a real breath of fresh air. She’s been my go-to person – that essential someone I didn’t know I needed until she came along!”

Sophia added: “One of the areas Aruna has helped me with is marketing the service – which is tricky as occupational therapy is not the easiest thing to explain. With Aruna’s help and participation in several webinars, I’ve worked on a wide variety of areas – creating a marketing plan, improving my website, videos, writing blogs and leaflets, and widening my business network. My approach has been to learn and develop as necessary, then try to put it into practice before moving on to the next stage.”

The commitment is paying off. By the first week in December 2020, Sophia had smashed her whole month’s target going from 14% to 86% in sales. She’s also on track for steady growth in 2021 and potentially taking on someone to support her as demand increases.

Aruna commented: “Sophia has really invested in her business and actioned advice given and what she’s learnt from the webinars. She’s kept at it month by month and the market has opened up – particularly at this time due to Covid-19 when people need her services at home. I’m pleased the hard work is paying off and time spent working on her business skills through webinars is starting to get her some great results.”

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