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Scale up using tech advice and funding from Digital Upscaler

11 July 2022

How could one-to-one Digital Technology Advice benefit your business?

If you’re a business looking to scale up, there are a number of aspects within your business that you may need to review in order to meet your growth plans. Here are just a few areas the Digital Upscaler project can help you with:

  • Ensure your digital solutions meet the desired performance and functionality needed for future growth
  • Maximise the solutions you already have
  • Getting to know how your business operates and gaining an in-depth understanding of your technology requirements and needs
  • Help you gain a better understanding and improve your knowledge when choosing a solution, developer, or system provider

You could be eligible for grant funding also.

  • Access to a £1m grant programme
  • Capital technology grants of between £10,000 – £50,000 to help your business scale, improve efficiencies and support sustained growth for future years
  • Technology advisers who will work with you to help identify projects suitable for capital funding starting from £30,000 with a 35% contribution

If you’d like to discuss any of your Digital Technology plans, book a one-to-one discovery session with a Technology Adviser, call 0330 053 8639 or visit