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Made Smarter East Midlands Supporting Manufacturers in the Region Towards Their Net-Zero Goals

12 February 2024

Made Smarter East Midlands Supporting Manufacturers in the Region Towards Their Net-Zero Goals Through Digital Transformation

Manufacturing is a driving force behind economic growth, but it also shoulders a responsibility for greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Recognising this dual role, the Made Smarter East Midlands programme not only provides fully funded support for manufacturers to adopt digitalisation but also aligns their efforts with achieving net-zero goals.

The urgency of transitioning to a net-zero economy is underscored by the fact that manufacturing alone is responsible for 17% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. This sector faces the monumental challenge of decarbonisation, a challenge that is also a significant opportunity.

The pressure on the sector to become more sustainable is escalating. To meet the UK’s net-zero target by 2050, industrial emissions must be reduced by at least 90% – a goal equivalent to removing every car from our roads immediately.

Digital Technologies to Support Sustainability

Made Smarter East Midlands acknowledges the crucial role of digital technologies in driving the net-zero transition. The programme sees digitalisation as the backbone of a sustainable future, offering manufacturers a pathway to incorporate advanced and automated technologies. Through tools such as cloud and edge computing, artificial intelligence (AI), Additive Manufacturing, Big Data, and Robotics and Automation, manufacturers can take meaningful steps to reduce their environmental footprint.

Reports from reputable sources underscore the impact digital technologies can have on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The World Economic Forum (WEF) and Accenture indicate that digital technologies can help industries cut emissions by 4% to 10% by 2030. Additionally, PwC estimates a 4% reduction in global GHG emissions by 2030 through AI alone, while Capgemini suggests a 16% reduction across various sectors.

Made Smarter East Midlands Programme

This programme equips manufacturing SMEs with a comprehensive toolkit for their digital transformation journey. From creating a 3-5 year tailored digital roadmap to offering fully funded Industrial Digital Technology Advice (IDTA), the programme ensures businesses are ready to embrace the future. The fully funded leadership development course, delivered by Loughborough University, supports digital leaders in creating strategic plans to guide colleagues and businesses through implementation and beyond.

Recognising common challenges such as a lack of knowledge, funds, and time, Made Smarter East Midlands tackles these issues head-on. The programme provides a robust support system, including digital road mapping, leadership development, and grant funding, to accelerate the adoption of advanced technologies.

More than just a programme, Made Smarter East Midlands supports sustainable change in the manufacturing landscape. By integrating digital transformation with sustainability goals, the programme guides manufacturers toward a net-zero future. In a world where every action counts, Made Smarter East Midlands assists manufacturers in embracing innovation, reducing environmental impact, and contributing to a sustainable, net-zero economy.

Start your Made Smarter journey today

Made Smarter east Midlands has helped hundreds of manufacturers to invest in new technology to support their decarbonisation. The programme can offer you tailored, expert advice and funding for the technology and skills that can help you to achieve your green credentials and power your growth.

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