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Is your business ready for electric?

3 December 2021

Switching to electric vehicles might seem risky to a business that relies upon its fleet. To remove the guesswork around vehicle range and charging patterns, Go for Zero helps businesses go electric with a free-to-use and impartial assessment of their fleet vehicles. Discover which electric vehicles best meet business needs, and how smart charging and low-carbon energy can lower running costs.

Can electric cost less?

Yes, you may pay more for an electric vehicle upfront, but the running costs can be much lower. Electric vehicles can save you money through fuel, tax, and servicing costs (and more if you pay congestion charges in your area). There are many benefits for companies with electric fleets – like grants for chargers at your employees’ homes.

How Go for zero works

For business-owners: Go for Zero’s online dashboard and reports shows the potential for switching your business vehicles to electric, highlighting the most cost-effective replacements using a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model. Calculations are based on actual journeys and likely charging patterns, helping businesses make informed decisions. Businesses can also explore their potential for on-site solar generation.

For drivers: Download a simple smartphone journey tracking app to give a day-to-day simulation of driving an electric van or car. Features like editing payload and the effect of seasonal temperatures give real-world confidence about range. By tracking vehicle use, a best match electric model and charging solutions can be automatically assessed.


Get involved:

Check if you could go electric without compromise. Be part of the free SME trial from January 2022 – limited spaces, recruiting now. Sign up today at:

About Go for Zero

The project is funded by UKRI and OZEV (the Office for Zero-Emission Vehicles) and is free for UK SMEs. The Go for Zero project is part of Love my EV, a free and impartial UK website to help consumers go fully electric – matching drivers to the right electric vehicle and the cheapest and greenest home energy.