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Help educators understand needs of business – Local Skills Improvement Plan

13 December 2022

A Local Skills Improvement Plan – or LSIP for short – is a tool being produced on a locality-by-locality basis to help educators better respond to the needs of local businesses.

Further Education Colleges must consider the LSIP when planning their curriculum. It has been commissioned by Government, with 38 being delivered across England. The LSIP for our area covers all of Leicester and Leicestershire. It is produced through a collaboration of businesses, education providers, support agencies and the public sector.

The East Midlands Chamber, the Chamber of Commerce for Leicester and Leicestershire, is facilitating the partnership.

The Plan will be produced for summer 2023 and will contain recommendations for improvements in how the educators and employers in Leicester and Leicestershire interact. For example, this may involve what the curriculum offers, how this is communicated or how businesses can better engage educators. The work is captured as part of our Collective Intelligence Skills Observatory:

How can I get involved?

If you’re a business, we’d love for you to be involved. We’ll be working with companies from early 2023 to get new intelligence on what attributes you need to have in your people to succeed. If you want to be a part of this, then please fill in this form:

You’ll receive a couple of questions per day (Monday-Friday) via a Digital App between February and April 2023. Many of these will be multiple-choice or YES/NO questions, so responding should take only a few minutes each day. We will ask for your feedback on five topics related to your people needs: Confidence, Investment, Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours.

More information about LSIP.