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BLOG: Empowering JIG UK Ltd’s Innovation and Growth Through Digital Transformation

20 November 2023

JIG UK Ltd. specialises in crafting customised cast iron radiators and bathroom products, catering to plumbing merchants, radiator retailers, and direct consumers. Recognising the need to enhance their manufacturing operations, JIG embarked on a journey to boost productivity and capacity. Embracing the principles of lean manufacturing, they collaborated with Made Smarter East Midlands, a regional programme that is part of a national initiative to drive industrial digital technology adoption.


Prior to their transformation, JIG faced challenges in optimising their manufacturing processes. They needed to overcome hurdles related to capacity limitations, operational efficiency, and product quality. To address these issues, they sought innovative solutions through industrial digital technology.


With the guidance and support of Made Smarter East Midlands, JIG UK embarked on a digital transformation journey. They implemented automation and process controls in critical areas, specifically in their painting and assembly processes. Utilising cutting-edge technologies such as DC torque tools, bar code scanning, vision systems, and robotics, they revolutionised their manufacturing landscape.


The impact of JIG UK’s digital transformation has been significant. With the integration of advanced technologies, they successfully tripled their capacity and productivity. Automation in painting and assembly processes streamlined workflows, leading to improved operational efficiency. Furthermore, the adoption of digital tools enhanced product quality, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Beyond quantitative improvements, JIG also experienced qualitative enhancements. The implementation of digital solutions transformed working conditions, promoting a safer and more conducive environment for employees. Additionally, the digital transformation initiative facilitated skills development among the workforce, aligning them with industry trends and best practices.

“We applied to Made Smarter East Midlands because we wanted to modernise our manufacturing processes, but we needed the expert support offered by the programme to do so. Thanks to digital innovation, we have significantly boosted our capacity and productivity. We’re proud of our achievements and optimistic about JIG UK Ltd.’s future, ” said Brian Athey, Managing Director.

Looking towards the Future

JIG UK’s innovative approach and significant progress has not gone unnoticed. They have been shortlisted for the prestigious Grantham Journal Digital Manufacturer of the Year Award. This recognition underscores their leadership in embracing digital technologies and the positive outcomes achieved through their collaboration with Made Smarter East Midlands.

Looking ahead, JIG UK Ltd. continues to leverage digital technology to drive innovation, enhance productivity, and maintain their position as a leading manufacturer in the industry. Their success story serves as an inspiration for other businesses, showcasing the transformative power of industrial digital technology in fostering growth, efficiency, and competitiveness.