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Become the Leader you want to be

24 January 2022

Leadership Development with a Difference

The biggest issue on leadership training right now is that there are lots of courses that take you through a number of pre-defined, generic steps without any reference to your individual situation or needs.  Ian Baker doesn’t do that.  He will provide you with individual 1-2-1 sessions so that you can raise your leadership game and feel able to tackle your business issues.

Ian says “This is not a case of watching me deliver 50 slides on a Zoom call. First of all, we’ll have a deep dive session into what you’re all about as a person and a business leader – don’t worry, we make it enjoyable for you!  From this, we will together create a plan with tangible actions and goals.  This plan will stand the test of time because you will have been involved in developing it. I call it co-created development.”

Getting Personal

If you’re interested in creating a lasting business legacy, you cannot deliver that through poor leadership.  You can continue for a certain amount of time under poor leadership if you’re lucky and you’ll have some success but, fundamentally, the cracks will start to appear if you’re not a fully competent leader.

Ian will help you look at how you are thinking strategically about your business (if you are) and how you are thinking personally about your goals and what you want to get out of the business; what sort of legacy you want to create.

So, Ian will focus on your personal development and then the development of your performance, using an approach that is more akin to your style of leadership.  What naturally comes out of that is a discussion about how the business operates currently and what the strategic imperatives are.

“If we start with the people first” says Ian “that is really useful when it comes to looking at the processes and physical aspects of the business.  I help people become better leaders and managers and business owners.”

Who is this for?

If you’re running a business but you have a gut feeling that something isn’t quite right, this support is for you.  Do you feel that there’s something wrong with your business, your customers or your staff?  Or do you feel stuck and unable to get to the bottom of these issues on your own?

When is the support available?

­The support is available from now until 31 March 2022.  Because of Ian’s approach, each package of support will be unique to the individual but with a maximum of 8 hours per person.

What do people say about Ian’s support?  

“Ian asked questions of myself and my business strategy and helped me to reformulate my plans and begin to feel what success could be” Andrew, AVGO Biotech

“As business owners, but not sales professionals, Ian was able to show us over an intense 2 days how to identify and work with new customers. His processes and understanding of the buyer’s mentality helped us grow in confidence with our sales calls.” Justin & Simon, Biotaware Ltd.

Executive Coaching | Ian Baker Consultancy Ltd

If you would like to apply for this programme, just contact one of our Business Advisers on 0116 366 8487 or email