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100 ways to go greener

9 June 2021

(originally published 26 May 2021)

The Business Gateway is giving 100 local companies the chance to use a brand new digital platform to monitor and reduce their carbon emissions in a pioneering green initiative.

The ‘sustainability as a service’ platform, called Zellar, enables a business to identify its carbon impact and then provides a bespoke plan to reduce it including advice on how to offset emissions, how to find sustainable energy providers and also how to change behaviour among employees.  Businesses in the same sectors will be able to see how their peers are performing and share good practice.

Gary Styles, Founder of Zellar, explained: “With climate change the biggest issue of our generation, everyone, everywhere needs to become more sustainable. We’ve created Zellar to help make that happen before it’s too late.  We’re delighted that Leicester is showing such leadership in green issues for the business sector.”

Jon Egley, Business Gateway Manager, added: “Becoming more sustainable is something that all businesses – big and small – have to do.  We see Zellar as an excellent opportunity to support SMEs and other local businesses to make this change in a cost-effective way.  Our programme of Zero Carbon events is another part of that initiative and one that’s proving very popular among our clients.”

Business Gateway is looking for 100 companies with a commitment to carbon reduction, from all sectors across Leicester and Leicestershire, to take part in the Zellar pilot, which will be free of charge for 12 months.  Companies keen to take part are encouraged to submit a short Expression of Interest form and all entries will be evaluated by a panel of experts.

Onboarding will take place in September.

Please submit an Expression of Interest form to be considered for this exciting programme.

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About Zellar (

Zellar is the world’s first ‘Sustainability-as-a-Service’ platform. Their software platform enables businesses to measure, manage and amplify their sustainability journey in one place.

Zellar simplifies and provides easy access to critical sustainability drivers such as the need to transition to renewable energy, invest in local carbon biodiversity and offset projects. Everything feeds their powerful ‘Panorama’ data engine, allowing business owners to understand where they are, how to improve and change behaviours. Each initiative delivers a measurable economic, environmental, and social benefit and is visible through the Zellar profile and directory.

Zellar claim to set the standard for sustainability measurement, bringing much needed clarity to the market by simplifying and offering sustainable solutions for businesses while giving consumers a tool that signposts those businesses committed to making a difference.