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Webinar: 20 Simple Ways to get your Website Generating more Business

Sorry this event has past and is no longer available. Please view the events page for the current calendar.

When and Where

  • Date: 18 July 2024
  • Start & End Time: 9:30 am - 11:00 am
  • Location: Online

Address: Online

Event Details

Increasing the conversion rate of your website (the percentage of visitors who convert into leads or customers) can be surprisingly straightforward. In this free webinar we’ll explore 20 simple strategies to enhance your web pages and drive greater business success.

By emphasising the advantages of your service, crafting persuasive language, and adjusting page layouts to highlight critical elements for visitors, you’ll discover how to supercharge your website’s potential for converting visitors into customers. Most of these tips involve simple text alterations that won’t cost you anything to implement. Throughout the webinar, we’ll showcase real-world examples demonstrating how straightforward changes have led to significantly improved conversion rates across various websites.

What outcomes will be achieved?
After attending this webinar, you will understand how to achieve the following:

– Guiding Visitors: Ensure that visitors land on the right pages and find the information they need
– Crafting Effective Value Propositions: Learn how to write compelling value propositions and benefit statements that drive conversions
– Mastering Calls to Action: Understand the art of creating and using effective calls to action (CTAs)
– Prioritising User Experience: Recognise the importance of user experience, including readability and page load speed
– Optimising Forms: Design forms that encourage more completions and minimise friction
– Building Trust: Display reassurance and trust signals to instil confidence in visitors
– Leveraging Social Proof: Utilise customer reviews and testimonials to build credibility
– Applying Persuasion Tactics: Explore tactics such as scarcity, urgency, and incentives to boost conversions

Who should attend?
Aimed at anyone responsible for a business website or the performance of digital marketing campaigns. No technical knowledge is required and the information is applicable to any type of website or business.

Workshops are open to start-up and established small to medium sized enterprises located in the following local authority areas taking part in the East Midlands Chamber’s Accelerator project:

Amber Valley; Ashfield; Bassetlaw; Broxtowe; Chesterfield; Derby; Derbyshire Dales; Erewash; Gedling; High Peak; Leicester City; Mansfield; Newark & Sherwood; North East Derbyshire; Nottingham; Rushcliffe; South Derbyshire.

(Please note: Businesses based in districts not participating in the Accelerator project (i.e. Bolsover; Leicestershire) may attend providing they are members of East Midlands Chamber. In such instances, please contact Emily Gascoyne on 07741904395 who will approve your booking.)

Delivered by Ian Lockwood

Sorry this event has past and is no longer available. Please view the events page for the current calendar.