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Principles of Preservation and Shelf-Life Assessment

Sorry this event has past and is no longer available. Please view the events page for the current calendar.

When and Where

  • Date: 28 June 2024
  • Start & End Time: 10:00 am - 11:30 am
  • Location: Online

Address: Online

Event Details

A fundamental understanding of why food and drink product safety and quality deteriorate over time and under adverse conditions will be explored in this free webinar, as will already-known preventative strategies such as additives, processing, adjusted environment pH, water activity, and temperature management. Obtain an introduction to the fundamentals of food and drink preservation technologies, as well as the significance of proper processing and packaging usage in extending product shelf life.

With more time ‘on the shelf’ for the goods to be sold, increasing shelf life enhances earnings. Furthermore, the food industry is under pressure to reduce food waste.

Who Should Attend?
Business owners, Technical Managers, and people involved in product development & manufacturing of food and drink products.

What will be covered?
-Food safety and why food and drink products deteriorate over time
-Techniques for achieving recognised and extended shelf life
-The significance of food safety management
-The significance of packaging
-Validation of the shelf life

-Fundamental knowledge of food preservation characteristics and processes
-How to Manage Shelf Life in a Manufacturing Setting
-A starting point for evaluating and enhancing your present product shelf life
-Understanding shelf life and how extended, consistent shelf life can increase earnings

Trainer: Richard Wigley
With a Bachelor’s in Food Science, Richard has been the Senior Technical Manager at the Forum for over 17 years. He is a certified IFST Registered Food Scientist and Auditor, BRC Internal Auditor, SALSA Auditor and Mentor and a USA/FDA approved expert. Richard is also qualified to Health and Safety NEBOSH Certificate & Level 4 in Sustainable Practices for Food Businesses.

Sorry this event has past and is no longer available. Please view the events page for the current calendar.