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When and Where

  • Date: 5 June 2024
  • Start & End Time: 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm
  • Location: Online

Address: Online

Event Details

Consumers and businesses are becomingly increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of their purchases. In today’s environmentally aware market, sustainability and proving your credentials can be a significant differentiator. Carbon literacy certification provides real evidence of backing up your sustainability goals. This can translate into a stronger brand image, increased customer loyalty and a better bottom line.

This one-day course (delivered online as two half-day sessions) is designed to increase awareness of the carbon costs and impacts of everyday activities and the ability and motivation of each of us as individuals, communities and organisations to reduce emissions.

The course has been developed by Now or Never in partnership with the Carbon Literacy Project. Attending it will help you become a Carbon Literate employee which means:

Understanding how climate change affects you and the people around you, both geographically and by sector.
Acquiring the knowledge and skills to develop your own responses to lowering your own and your organisation’s carbon footprint.
Displaying compassion for the environment, your health, and the health of those around you.

The benefits of acquiring this knowledge are as follows:

  • Enables you to reduce the emissions at your place of work (typical realised carbon savings of certified participants is 5-15% per person).
  • Increases the competitive advantage of your organisation and embeds a culture of sustainability.
  • Supports your colleagues to understand their footprint and its effects, and find greener, more efficient and cost effective solutions as a result.
  • Adds to your skillset in an area of direct appeal to employers.

Certification is awarded following the successful completion of this approved Carbon Literacy course whereby each learner is awarded a uniquely-coded Carbon Literacy certificate to reference that achievement.

What’s covered:

  • Understanding up-to-date climate science
  • Considering the risk of climate crisis in business
  • Understanding climate justice
  • Individual vs collective action
  • Understanding climate change related to your organisation
  • Reviewing Climate Action Plan case studies across various sectors
  • Putting your plan of action in place.

At the end of the training, you will be invited to outline the practical steps you’re committed to taking that will reduce carbon emissions and reduce costs both for you personally and for your organisation.

Sorry this event has past and is no longer available. Please view the events page for the current calendar.