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Advanced Guide to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Sorry this event has past and is no longer available. Please view the events page for the current calendar.

When and Where

  • Date: 18 June 2024
  • Start & End Time: 9:30 am - 4:00 pm
  • Location: Leicester City

Address: East Midlands Chamber; Leicester Office, Friars Mill, Bath Lane, Leicester,

Event Details

Take your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to the next level with advanced techniques and tools.

If you’re already on top of the basics of SEO and want to further improve your website’s rankings, this workshop is for you. Building on our Practical Guide to SEO workshop, you’ll learn more about dealing with indexing issues, how to improve the user experience, providing signals of E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness), analysing Search Console and other data, plus tips on using structured data and image optimisation.

What’s covered:


  • Dealing with indexing issues such as pagination, canonicalisation and “crawled but not indexed” pages
  • Improving the user experience through page speed (Core Web Vitals), page layout, styling and page features
  • Adding positive E-E-A-T signals and avoiding negative ones
  • Using Google Search Console data to find keyword opportunities and spot issues like cannibalisation and mismatched intent
  • Implementing structured data for business details, products, articles, events and other useful information to gain rich snippets in search results
  • Optimising images to appear in search results, including featured images alongside web pages
  • Finding link opportunities with broken link building, responding to press opportunities and competitor link reviews
  • Tools to help analyse websites, undertake keyword research and view link data

What outcomes will be achieved?


  • Understand the reasons some pages don’t get indexed and how to fix them
  • Know how and when to implement canonicalization and no indexing to prevent search engines indexing unwanted pages
  • Understand the Core Web Vitals measurements and how to find the causes of any issues you have
  • Be able to review your page content, structure and styling to improve the user experience
  • Improve your signals of E-E-A-T through the information on your site and external signals across the web
  • Implement structured data for relevant information in your web pages
  • Optimise your images to rank in image search and for use in rich snippets
  • Be able to find link opportunities for your website and know how to utilise them
  • Choose the tools you need to undertake advanced search engine optimisation, from keyword research to competitor link data

Who should attend?


This workshop is for anyone who is already familiar with basic SEO concepts and has undertaken practical SEO on a website.



Workshops are open to start-up and established small to medium sized enterprises located in the following local authority areas taking part in the East Midlands Chamber’s Accelerator project:

Amber Valley; Ashfield; Bassetlaw; Broxtowe; Chesterfield; Derby; Derbyshire Dales; Erewash; Gedling; High Peak; Leicester City; Mansfield; Newark & Sherwood; North East Derbyshire; Nottingham; Rushcliffe; South Derbyshire.

(Please note: Businesses based in districts not participating in the Accelerator project i.e. Bolsover; Leicestershire) may attend providing they are members of East Midlands Chamber. In such instances, please contact Ella Mistry on 07387141589 who will approve your booking.

Sorry this event has past and is no longer available. Please view the events page for the current calendar.