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Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Act receives Royal Assent

12 June 2024

The Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Act (DMCC Act), which became law in May 2024, marks a significant shift in how the UK regulates digital markets. This act aims to create a fairer and more competitive landscape for both businesses and consumers.

The DMCC Act empowers the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) with new tools to tackle anti-competitive practices by large digital businesses. This includes identifying companies with “strategic market power” and imposing regulations to prevent them from stifling competition.

Consumers can expect enhanced protections under this act. It mandates clearer pricing structures, especially for subscriptions, with a focus on eliminating hidden fees. Additionally, the act aims to combat fake reviews and empowers consumers with greater control over their online purchases, including easier subscription cancellation processes.

The act establishes the Digital Markets Unit (DMU) within the CMA. This specialised unit will be responsible for overseeing the new regime and ensuring compliance among large digital businesses. The DMU has the power to:

  • Investigate potential breaches of competition law.
  • Issue fines for non-compliance.
  • Direct companies to make changes to their practices.

What it Means for Businesses

Businesses operating in the digital sphere, especially those with a dominant market presence, need to be aware of the DMCC Act’s implications. Businesses can expect:

  • Increased scrutiny by the CMA for potential anti-competitive practices.
  • Potential need to modify their practices to comply with the act’s regulations.
  • A more level playing field due to increased competition fostered by the act.

The DMCC Act is a significant development for the UK’s digital landscape. While its long-term impact remains to be seen, it has the potential to create a fairer and more competitive environment for businesses while offering greater protection and control to consumers.

CMA are now consulting on draft guidance for the new digital markets competition regime, as established by the DMCC Act. Its important that they hear feedback from businesses, to review or submit your feedback see here Consultation on digital markets competition regime guidance – GOV.UK ( The consultation closes at 11:55pm on 12 July 2024.