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World Products Ltd

Hear from mother and son Mauli and Ash Shah of World Products Ltd who approached the Business Gateway for advice on growing their e-commerce business.

They met with an adviser who signposted them to a number of apprenticeship schemes and opened new doors and opportunities for the business.


Ash Shah:

“World Products Ltd was founded in 2010 by my mother from her garage back at home. She started in e-commerce and wanted to improve distribution links across the world in the sectors of grocery & health and beauty, including the USA, Japan & Australia. We have currently moved into our brand new premises and employ 10 people.”

Mauli Shah:

“I was Googling about how I can get government help and I came across the LLEP Business Gateway. Aruna contacted us 2 years ago and she helped us to progress further.”

Ash Shah:

“She’s helped us through employment, health and safety, things that small to medium-sized businesses should be thinking about from an early stage, and she brought that in and opened those doors for us.

I think the most beneficial thing that Aruna from the LLEP Business Gateway provided us was the right contacts to make decisions that we needed in our business.

Sometimes when you’re working inside your business it’s difficult to see where you’re going and the right people to contact from different industries and Aruna opened those doors for us that we didn’t think were possible.

So from the LLEP Business Gateway we had a lot of access to Apprenticeships schemes and we’ve actually taken on 2 apprentices, and one has been with us for 8 months and the other for 3 months and they’ve been provided with extra training on top of their apprenticeships scheme.

We’ve also given other staff members the opportunity in our creative area to go to social media courses and to develop the skills they didn’t necessarily have access to in their own personal lives and take that forward, so I think as a whole while developing our business it has also developed the people within the business.

One of the largest growing facets of our business at World Products is our brand Indian Mart that has been growing from strength to strength.

With India Mart one of the most exciting projects we’ve got under wraps at the moment is #myindianfood. It’ll be launching towards the Christmas period, so December 2018, and what it essentially is there to do is provide an experience for our customers. An experience of cooking through virtual cookery classes, high quality ingredients and that next day delivery service of getting the very best straight to the door.

What I found most beneficial is the way that Business Gateway itself has given us this injection of enthusiasm within the company.

Whilst we were only in a very small office boxed size room 2 years ago, this enthusiasm has allowed us to see the bigger picture of where we are going with this and understand when we need to make calculated business decisions to take us to the next level and I think overall this has improved our sales, our structure and the overall commitment from our team here at World Products Ltd.”