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Damar International

Hear from David Martin who approached the Business Gateway for advice to accelerate the growth of his hand and machine tool business.

David met with an adviser who signposted him to a number of networking circles which opened new doors and opportunities for his business.


My name is David Martin, my company name is Damar International which specialises in niche hand tools and machine tools and we have various different ranges for all over the world and we’re based in Leicester.

One of the main industries which we’ve started going in to is motorsports for about the last year and a half. I took a brand on called Sonic Equipment from Netherlands, specifically for the Volkswagen head office, they asked to take the agency on. I found pretty quickly they were proactive in motorsports so for the last year and a half went into motorsports branding, networking, marketing, and selling into the motorsports industry. In doing that I’ve just managed to team up with quite a few local based motorsports companies in Leicestershire, one of them is Pyro Motorsports, the other one is also Team Parker.

The Business Gateway I found by off-chance looking through the internet about their offers of what they can do and what they can help small companies with so I decided to contact them and make the first steps.

Business Adviser Jo Maltby came to my office on Clipper Road in Leicester. She sat for a good couple of hours having a constructive conversation, making points about the business, directional conversation, what the company is, what you’re trying to achieve, and pointed us to various different suggestions of networking, through the financial growth aspect, through Digital Growth and generally just support from the council which is available actually in Leicestershire.

After a long conversation, Jo made me aware that my Facebook and my general marketing approach was not correct in today’s market conditions, and she suggested different ways to market through Facebook. She networked me in to various contacts in the Chamber of Commerce, NBV and Digital Growth people and I’ve contacted them and they’ve helped me take the next steps forward and given me a bit more positivity and direction in what I’m trying to achieve.

Speak to people, ask questions, and try to find the right solution. When you meet people such as Jo who are very very knowledgeable in what she does, she points you in the right direction, she steers you, she gives you confidence, and it helps you have more happiness in what you’re actually trying to achieve with your company.