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Capacity springs ahead for local manufacturer

Charles Blyth & Co is a family-owned business specialising in the manufacture of pocketed springs for mattresses. The business supplies well-known mattress makers such as Hypnos, Duflex and Vi-Spring.

It was struggling with production capacity and successfully applied for a Collaborate grant of £16,734 towards the purchase of a new pocket spring machine. The grant enabled it to produce larger and more complex units opening up more market opportunities.

The manufacturer is a strong, established business but aspired to increase its market share and start competing with the leading brands in the field. That kind of growth wasn’t possible with the capacities that the business had, so it sought assistance.

The new machine is the fastest the company has and allowed it to take on more business and create new jobs. Managing Director, Carl Bown said: “This new machine has increased our production capacity by 13.9 %. Over the last year, we have secured further contracts that have resulted in establishing a new framing department to meet the increased demand, which in turn has increased our direct labour base from 33 to 38 employees.

“It really has given us the opportunity to take control, introduce new departments and seek to collaborate with our largest customer even further so that we can both benefit.”

He added: “The grant didn’t just enable us to get what we wanted, it changed our whole culture and it changed the whole way we were thinking. Now we know there is someone out there to help us, we’re going to see how far we can go.”

Collaborate has ended. Contact the Business Gateway for information about other funding and support currently available.