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Start-up Accelerator programme launches

14 January 2021

In partnership with Leicester Startups, the Start-up Accelerator programme has been launched to support start-up businesses across Leicester and Leicestershire from 22 February to 2 April 2021. This fully-funded programme offers 6-weeks of structured workshops, round tables sessions and mentoring.

The programme is a mix of 1-2-1 mentoring, classroom learning and independent working, tailored to your start-up’s unique needs. The project will help businesses focus on, and solve, the most critical challenges holding you back as you move through developing, shaping and validating your business.

Throughout the programme you’ll learn about:-

  • Customer Development: Learn how to talk to prospective customers in a way that reveals their true needs and validates your business model assumptions.
  • Pivoting: Learn when and how to change course
  • Product Development: Learn the best practices and team management techniques to release a higher quality solution.
  • Business Growth: Learn some of the best strategies to grow your business, including a few organic and viral growth hacking mechanisms.
  • Revenue Models and Pricing: Learn the components, benefits and disadvantages of different revenue models and pricing structures.
  • Marketing Plans: Develop the marketing messages that resonate with target customers and how to reach them. Understand the ways of measuring the effectiveness of your efforts.
  • Hiring your Team: Identify the roles that you need to build a fast growth business. Learn about the resources and tactics you can use to find, train and build with your team.
  • Mastering your Sales Message: Building rapport and speaking the language necessary to sell your product to investors or customers
  • Financial Reporting & Forecasting: Learn basics of developing and interpreting your financial forecasts.
  • Equity and Funding: Learn about the different fundraising and partnering options and how to build a Pitch Deck.
  • Mental Health: learn how to cope with the pressure of running a start-up.

Spaces are limited and applications close on 1 February, so apply today.