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Space Centre sees launch of a different kind, on a mission to tackle climate change.

4 November 2021

This week Leicester’s National Space Centre saw the official launch of a unique approach to reducing the carbon emissions produced by businesses in Leicestershire.  Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership and The Business Gateway have funded 100 places for local businesses to monitor and reduce their energy usage using a digital platform developed by software company Zellar, the world’s first sustainability platform for business.  This project is the first of its kind in the Midlands and second only to Manchester in the UK.         

Around 100 people gathered in the Planetarium to listen to a range of speakers as they explained what Zellar is going to achieve and why it is needed now more than ever.  Chris Brindley MBE, Chairman of Zellar, oversaw the event which he described as “Leicester making the world sit up and take notice”.  His colleague Peter Charlesworth, Chief Operating Officer of Zellar, commented: “the key message from COP26 and people like the Queen, David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg is that we shouldn’t just be pledging to do things, we should all actually be taking action now.”

Mr Charlesworth stressed the benefits to business of letting customers know that they are involved in the Zellar programme and pointed out that focusing on sustainability will soon become the norm: “If you’re not doing sustainability now, in five years’ time you may not have a business.”

The LLEP’s Sue Tilley explained that this initiative is consistent with the Business Gateway’s role of supporting Leicestershire’s businesses with every challenge and opportunity they face.  She remembered the city’s track record as one of the first environmental cities in the UK in the 1980s and saw Zellar as a continuation of this history.  “I know how hard it’s been for SMEs since the pandemic, but I believe that being part of Zellar can be a key differentiator for businesses and will help their bottom line.  We’re very happy to be investing in our local businesses in this way” she said.

One of the local businesses which has joined the Zellar programme is The Willoughby Book Club founded by Marianne Chala who said “it’s vital to me that the business reflects my own personal ideals.  I’m really looking forward to getting Zellar’s insight into the changes we can make.”

Other participating companies in attendance were Fisher German, Boards4Agents, Notts Sports and Home | Mattioli Woods.  Chief Information Officer, Nigel Reynolds, commented: “Ultimately, it’s a hard-nosed business decision; investment funding in green technologies is set to rise from 15% to 50% in the next few years so we need to be part of it. The government and regulators are going to insist on sustainability very soon, so we see this as an opportunity.”

There are fewer than 20 places still available on the Zellar programme so any interested business should apply here: