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Leicester Smart City Challenge will award £5,000 kickstart funding

6 November 2020

With its vibrant population, creative industries, world-class universities and a growing space sector, Leicester has the capacity and capability to become a smart city. A smart city combines its built, natural and social environments with information technology to support enterprise, growth, innovation and sustainable development.

As part of the ambition to make Leicester a people’s smart city the Smart Leicester team have launched the ‘Leicester Smart City Challenge’.

Their challenge to everyone – residents, communities and enterprises – is to turn their ideas for Leicester into actions and they will award funding up to £5,000 to at least two proposals in order to kickstart projects.

They will offer a small grant to stimulate and support social enterprise and innovation projects that can benefit people in Leicester.

Funding is confirmed for 2020-2021 and amounts of up to £5,000 per project will be awarded for proposals that move successfully through the bidding process and assessment criteria. Proposals must be in by 5pm on Friday 18 December 2020.