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Second round of Industrial Energy Technology Fund opens

4 March 2021

Innovate UK have £40 million available via the second round of the Industrial Energy Technology Fund competitions.

The funding is available for feasibility studies, engineering studies and deployment of technologies that improve the energy efficiency of an industrial process or processes.

These competitions are aimed at businesses that use energy or produce direct emissions as a result of their industrial processes, therefore the lead applicant must be an organisation with one of the eligible SIC codes:

  • manufacturing SIC 10 (000) through to SIC 33 (200)
  • data centres SIC 63 (110)

Energy-saving solutions will differ from site to site, but some examples of eligible technologies include:

  • monitoring and management equipment that improves the efficiency of processes
  • more efficient heat exchange
  • more efficient driers
  • energy recovery from waste heat
  • energy recovery from waste pressure
  • onsite resource efficiency measures to reduce wastage and optimise use of raw materials.
  • more efficient refrigeration or other cooling or heating measures necessary to create and maintain the operational temperature of the industrial process itself (including cooling technologies for data centres).
  • fuel switching is permitted where it is essential to achieving energy efficiency improvements. Fuel switching must comply with eligibility criteria detailed in the supplementary Technological
  • Scope for Energy Efficiency Studies and Deployment Projects guidance.

This round opens on 8 March. View more details on the TBAT Innovation website, which are also offering 30-minute consultations to support applications.