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Visual marketing with Instagram and Pinterest – webinar

When and Where

  • Date: 16 April 2020
  • Start & End Time: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Location:

Address: n/a

Event Details


Learn what visual marketing is and how to use it effectively within your business. This webinar covers the use of visual marketing in social media and other platforms and offers practical advice on how to get started.

As consumers of content, we are overwhelmed with the sheer volume of blogs, posts, videos and other media that are being created. As a business, how can you use visual marketing to stand out above the noise and make an impact on new and existing customers?

Digital marketing consultant, Paul Ince, talks of the importance of visual marketing in order to tell a brand’s story, but in a way that is accessible for all size businesses – even those without any budget.

Who should attend:
Any organisation looking to start, or become better at, taking a more visual approach to their marketing content. You don’t need to be technical or have any experience in visual marketing to attend – the webinar is pitched at beginner to intermediate level.

This webinar will cover:

  • What is visual marketing? – What do we mean by visual marketing in today’s marketing landscape, with particular reference to social media?
    Storytelling – Reasons why overt sales-based messaging no longer works and strategies around how to tell stories using visual marketing instead.
  • How to use emotion contained within media to connect to your audience.
    Using visuals to convey specific messages – Learn how images can be used to convey the core messages of a campaign and how this is associated to specific consumer intentions. This section also includes an exercise to allow you to determine your core message in visual form.
  • Platforms – Specific guidance on the most popular platforms for visual marketing and how they differ based on demographic, features and visual capabilities.
  • Mobile is the new TV – Why video is increasingly important and how to use formats that are appropriate to the specific platform and audience.
    The Future – A glance into the future of visual marketing and how to get ahead of your competition by using it sooner rather than later.

Webinar outcome:
Delegates will leave the webinar armed with the expert knowledge required to start using visual marketing. They will be able to begin to plan content around their business, their people and their products using the most appropriate tools available to them.

This webinar is delivered by the East Midlands Chamber’s Digital Growth Programme team and is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, East Midlands Chamber and Leicestershire County Council.

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