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From Branding to Funding – A Masterclass


When and Where

  • Date: 26 May 2022
  • Start & End Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Location: Leicester City

Address: De Montfort University, The Innovation Centre 49 Oxford Street Leicester LE1 5XY

Event Details

This practical and free two-day workshop is aimed at start-ups in Leicester. Hosted by De Montfort University’s Crucible Programme, this is funded by the Business Gateway.

About this event

This session will be led by Cristian Zuzunaga and is designed to give your start-up business an introduction to the strategic importance of branding. As a designer and CEO of a small company, Cristian has learned to effectively collaborate and communicate ideas clearly and effectively with the many different components of the creative process and manufacturing chain. Including; PR, press, wholesale clients, exhibitors and other heads of design in collaborative projects.

In this workshop, firstly you will be able to understand the importance of personal branding against corporate branding and how the first forms and supports the second. Secondly, you will gain knowledge of the fundamentals behind do’s and don’ts. Thirdly, you will be developing a checklist in order to understand the step by step process that will enable you to understand how to work with a brand strategy and how to implement it.

Finally, there will be some tips on how to attract funding to develop your company to the next stage.

Once you have registered we will contact you with more details.

The session offers each participant 1-2-1 time with each of our specialists to help translate the information learnt to your own business practice, through mentoring and advice sessions. We deliver in a blended learning environment, which means some sessions will be face-to-face and will take place at DMU’s Innovation Centre in Leicester, with an option for online. Some of the sessions will be online only via MS Teams.

NB: all sessions will have the option for online for those that are not able to attend in person due to other prior commitments, and due to Covid-19, all in-person sessions are subject to change. If we are required to, they will be put online.

Any questions get in touch via crucible@dmu.ac.uk
This session has been bought to you by De Montfort University’s Crucible Programme .which has supported more than 80 businesses from a variety of sectors, offering the correct support and advice in helping the individual build firm foundations to be able to start-up their business idea.

Over the next five months we have put together a series of practical workshops for those with a business idea that they want to set up, and those who have already set up their businesses and need a refresher or further support in the following key areas:
• Finances – a key understanding of all aspects of Cashflow, TAX, VAT and grant funding.
• Content copywriting / storytelling – how to tell your story whilst staying true to your brand.
• IP and legal – an in-depth look at IP and contracting and how it will impact your business.
• Network building – how to make the best out of networking and building relationships.
• Branding (corporate vs personal) – how to raise my personal brand to help influence my business branding.
• Marketing and social media – understanding how marketing works and the effect it has on your business.
• Building a robust marketing schedule / plan – how to get the best out of social media.
• Funding (VC investment) – the complexities of working with, managing, and maintaining these vital relationships.
• Growth management – identifying opportunities for business growth, building a robust action plan, and identifying key partners/ stakeholders to help deliver the objectives.
• Resilience – how to build confidence and foster resilience in an ever-changing market.
The sessions will run over Thursdays and Fridays consecutively and there will only be one subject at a time. This will give you the space and time to think about what you are learning and how to apply to your individual businesses.


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