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Blog: How to rebuild employee trust and morale

12 January 2021

What are you doing to help your employees during this Covid-19 crisis in what seems like a never-ending rollercoaster of lockdowns, restrictions and new ways of working? HR Training Consultant Annie Litchfield from Loates HR provides her 5 top tips for helping to build morale and trust:

1. Get to know your team: Trust and rapport can only come from getting to know one another. So, get out there and speak to your team. If, you are all working from home at the minute then jump on some video calls or pick up the phone. Really listen to people’s personal circumstances and in turn share some things about yourself. Vulnerability engenders trust.

2. Walk the walk: Nothing breaks trust like not doing what you said you would, and that goes for values too. Those shiny posters on the wall or those snappy one-liners on your emails need to mean something and not just pay lip service. If your published values don’t come easy to you during times of crisis then you may want to consider that they are not your true values. Having congruent actions to words means authenticity to employees.

3. Communicate – lots! Be honest. Tell people if you don’t know. Just don’t be silent. There is nothing worse than the feeling of being left in the dark. The global pandemic has left all of us not knowing what is happening from one day to the next and we don’t expect our business leaders to be any different. Therefore, just say what you do know and be consistent with your communication. Give the same message to everyone, keep talking, keep the dialogue open and make sure it is two-way. Therefore, LISTEN!

4. Loosen the reins: It’s very easy when things get tough to pull the reins in and hold everything close. Micromanaging every decision and every move to ensure it is done how you want it. This isn’t sustainable for one person, or one management team and is also missing out on capturing the great talent that you have in your organisation. Give people autonomy to work on small projects, delegate, use the skills that are out there. Many people thrive on responsibility and will be boosted.

5. Recognise success and celebrate even the little wins: Even when we face such tough challenges as we have and the outlook doesn’t always look rosy, we can still find small rays of sunshine and successes to reward and recognise. It’s not only good for morale, its good for the soul! So, by giving more autonomy to your employees you then need to praise them for a job well done. Are there little positives you can discuss in your weekly round up email? John in accounting got a new dog this week. Sharma completed her accountancy exams and Isobel finally completed that spreadsheet!

We hope you enjoyed this blog.

On Tuesday 2 February (10am to 12noon) Annie will run a free, two-hour webinar on this subject area providing more guidance. After this, you will come away with 12 questions you can ask your employees to measure their levels of engagement with your organisation. View details and booking link.